Fiction Friday Challenges

This morning I happened across something new to me. Apparently, Phantom Sway does Fiction Friday challenges where they post a photo prompt to use for a 100-word short story. I love these sorts of things to keep my creative writing brain engaged no matter what I’m working on.

Today’s prompt was this interesting photo. (Photo Credit: JerzyGorecki on Pixabay)

My story took about an hour. While the story pretty much flowed out, it started at well over 200 words. Most of the hour was spent trying to keep the story while halving the number of words. The final product looks like this:

Liam sped down the hillside, racing to reach Marcie.

She stood motionless below, staring at the sky. All around her, his teammates worked on. 

He arrived at her side, breathless. Marcie slowly turned to him. He dropped to one knee. A still hush fell. Liam heard only his heartbeat and the falling snow. 

Marcie’s voice trembled, “Liam?”

He smiled up at her. The fear in her eyes gave him a small moment of pause. He ignored it and gestured to the moon in the net.

“I did it, Marcie. I promised you the moon, remember? Now will you marry me?”

These are fun and I might keep doing them. I’d love to know what you think!

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